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Suggested questions for Kathy Brodsky:


  1. How does your 40 years working as a psychotherapist influence the way you write books for children?
  2. Your newest children's book, Stover, is about a pig that goes to the gym to work out. Why did you choose a pig for this book?
  3. What inspired you to write a children's book about getting fit and eating right?
  4. Why did you consult with a nutritionist and health teacher in writing the book?
  5. Your children's books, including Stover, include questions after the story. Why do you make the questions open-ended and not include the answers?
  6. What's your most important advice for parents who want to encourage their kids to eat healthy foods and get plenty of exercise?
  7. What can parents do to prevent their children from being victimized by bullies?
  8. How have schools used your previous kids' books and how would you like to see them use Stover?
  9. Why is your website titled Helpingwords.com and how does this relate to your work as a psychotherapist?
  10. What inspired you to write your first children's book, My Bent Tree?
  11. How do you get ideas for your children's books?
  12. I understand there is an interesting story about how you met Cameron Bennett, the illustrator for your books. How did it come about?
  13. What is the story behind your next children's book?
  14. What are the most important lessons you hope kids will take away from your books?

Visit Kathy Brodsky's public website at: www.Helpingwords.com


Media Contact is Michelle Tennant: Michelle@publicityresults.com, 828-749-3200. or blog www.StorytellerToTheMedia.com


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